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    I had a phone for 5 years. But due to my new job, over the past few months I noticed this RAZR just wont cut it anymore...(yes, I actually still have the razr, my friends think im a caveman or something lol)

    But because I had this "low tech" phone for so long, I never stayed up to date on these smart phones. All I needed was to call and text. the razr did all that. But now its time for a new phone. My 2 year contract expired like 3 years ago lol. Im thinking if I extend it , I can get a good deal on a new smart phone. However, these wifi things got me confused.

    Question 1: Is the wifi free? Can I check my email or read the news from a tmobile smart phone without paying anything extra? And if not, how much does it cost? The tmobile site wasnt very clear on this...

    Question 2: What is the range of the wifi? Is it like the gsm towers? As in if I can call, can I go on the internet? anywhere I have a signal? Or is the wifi signal separate from calling? And if I dont have a wifi signal, can I just use our workplace wireless router to be connected?

    And what the hell is "real web browsing"?

    Also feel free to suggest a phone .I prefer to remain with tmobile. I always seem to have 5 bars everywhere I go in this state. So id rather not jeopardize that by switching to another carrier.

    I know I asked alot there, but Im one of those people that wants to do the research before shelling out money on something, and that realizing it doesnt do what I thought it did.


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    Re: Need help choosing my first smartphone, have LOTS of questions

    Wifi is short range radio, typically has a maximum range of 300 feet, and is mostly found in coffee shops, bookstores, and so on. . It is oftentimes free, but not always. It is not the same as getting signal
    from a cell tower. You mention the wireless router at work. That is wifi. And whether you can connect to it is up to your company
    No, you cannot go on the internet while on a call, generally speaking. Some phones may be capable, butI do not know which ones. As far as checking email and browsing the web and costs, if on wifi
    then there is no charge. To use the phone on the cell towers requires a smart phone web plan, at 24.99 a month., Real web browsing requires a phone capable of using a full feature browser. Most cell phones, including most smart phones, do not have the capability to use one. They go to websites that are rather limited in scope. But most web sites have sites for mobile phones, so you really lose little
    in browsing. But some phones, such as the G1 and the Iphone can do full web browsing, which makes
    it nicer.
    As far as what phone to recommend, it all depends on what you want to use your phone for. From what you mention almost any smart phone will do. Your best bet is to check out what your friends are using, and go to a tmobile store to see what they have, and if you like the phone itself. The fit, and the features.

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    Re: Need help choosing my first smartphone, have LOTS of questions

    Certainly lots of questions about smartphones - all good questions!
    So, TMobile is your choice, and that's fine - it takes care of one variable (service provider, and also narrows down which smartphones are options for you).

    You're on the right track with wanting or considering WiFi to be included. Soon, all smartphones will offer this, but find one now that does. WiFi basically offers two key advantages: (1) you get faster data speeds than you would from your cell phone signal (3G) - speeds that are almost comparable to your wired cable modem connection, (2) you get a great backup option for when you may not have good wireless cell signal. And, WiFi is free if you're using your office or home wireless router signal, or even from many coffee shops, airports, malls, book stores, some hotels, etc. (usually signs posted around to let you know). It can also cost you some money - either a flat charge or monthly fee for all-you-can-eat - at places like certain hotels, certain coffee shops, TMobile's Hotspots, etc.

    Your smartphone will probably default to using your wireless TMobile signal if available, and then WiFi as a backup only. WiFi does tend to use up more battery power, so make sure you get a smartphone with a decent standard battery, and invest in a couple of good charging options (pdacart.com makes smartphone accessory selection quick/easy).

    As for which smartphone - pay attention to the operating system it offers (OS). Personally, I would not go for Windows Mobile, so for TMobile, that leaves RIM (Blackberry), and Android. Both of these are pretty good and user friendly. With Android, you get a little better user interface if you like touch screens, hand gestures, etc. With RIM, you get a track ball which helps you navigate around your screen quickly. I would also recommend one with a keyboard (not virtual/touchscreen, but physical), especially if you're going to hammer out texts and emails. Most smartphones you will compare will probably have good internet browsers, biz & personal email account options, expandable memory, GPS, music, and other great features to enrich your mobile life. For a quick starting point, check out this list of top 5 smartphones so far...makes a lot of sense and may be helpful..I can't post a link, but check out smartphoneheaven.blogspot.com, and you may find it. It's a quicky, easy read.

    You will find great deals these days on the classic Blackberry Curve, but RIM also offers a nice, new Blackberry Bold that you may like. As for Android devices, keep an eye out to see if TMobile may get the Hero, otherwise consider the G1 (older), or MyTouch3G (newer) - all from HTC.

    Hope this helps - and welcome to smartphone heaven!

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    Re: Need help choosing my first smartphone, have LOTS of questions

    Wifi range on mobile phones are shorter compared with laptops, maybe 1/3 shorter.

    Just like Sar0609, I suggest you get something from HTC but I prefer Windows Mobile.

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