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    Looking for a new phone for my 12 y o daughter. Top two features are easy/accurate texting keyboard and wi-fi. I'm not paying for an internet browsing plan for her, but would like her to be able to access the internet if a hotspot is accessible. Unfortunately, she doesn't want a Blackberry b/c that's what her old man (me) has, so therefore NOT COOL. But, it's also the only phone T-Mobile has that meets my features requirements.

    So, seems like my alternative is to go shopping for a different phone that I can operate on T-Mobile's network and that's what I'm looking for suggestions on.

    Thanks in advance,

    David in Seattle

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    What about the Dash or Shadow? Dash has a full keyboard and the Shadow has a compressed (forget what they call it) but you can get either with out a data plan, they both have wifi and both have good keyboards.
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    Re: Phone suggestion

    go with the dash

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    Re: Phone suggestion

    i would go with the gravity. yes, i do know that it doesnt have wi-fi on it for free net, but for $5.99 for net that you can use facebook and twitter on, its really not a bad deal. unless you REALLY wanna go out and spend over $150 for a dash 3g (unless they still sell the old ones)

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