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    I've been a happy pre-paid T-Mobile user now for a year now, until three months ago when I started working on the ground floor of a hospital. At that point, of course, I lost connection to the network. I have had no problem with that, as it is to be expected. However, I also lost my voice mail as well. People would call me, it would ring several times and then there would be dead air, as if I had no phone number. (This is bad. I've missed phone calls from my physician and others as well. Additionally, my mother is 82 years old and in a nursing home. She and the nursing home need to be able to contact me.) I called T-Mobile and the rep said that each account had 4 connection/voice-mail settings that should be enable but my account only had 3 of the 4 enable and that she was going to enable the 4th setting as well and reset the connection of my phone. This failed to work. One week later, I called again and the rep first told me that such a problem was impossible. However, she tried calling my phone# and found that I was correct. At that point the rep said that I needed to turn my phone off and on every day so that it would reestablish a connection with their towers. I retorted that this was ridiculous, as I have plenty of friends that have their cells on for months at a time, simply recharging them every evening, and that they don't have my problems. At this point, they said that they were going to update my phone's software. However, after the update was done, I sound like I'm using a really bad bluetooth head-set. Now, people don't want to talk to me on the phone, because I'm hard to understand.



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    Re: Loss of voice mail

    I would try to go to the T-Mobile retail store in your area, have them look at it, and listen to it so they can try to remede the problems. If that doesn't work, or is inconvient, maybe try a new phone, the cheap one, to see if maybe the phone had a problem with it after they did one of their "resets".

    This one is baffling, so lemme know what happens, thanks!!
    The Bigg Guy

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