So, I used to be on Sprint cause daddy paid for it. Now I gotta figure out who I will go with long-term. My school bookstore has T-Mobile in it, which means I can pay for it with some of my book money. Now, here's the problem. Before I divorced my father's plan, I went to see the bright kids at Best Buy Mobile, who said that it was impossible to activate a windows mobile handset without an internet plan. This, shall we say, didn't sound quite right. So I gave Sprint a call, and the nice lady did some research for me and informed me that the bright kids at Best Buy Mobile were full of it.

Now, to be quite honest, I didn't need Sprint to tell me this. Having been a WinMob user for some several years, I knew that winmob apps are installed to the handset and require no connectivity to function, so unless the OS underwent a major overhaul without telling anybody, the statement was patently false. The logical conclusion is that the provider is getting greedy. Even if I wanted to go online with my handset, I do not have a credit history amenable to signing plans of any kind.

Having had a positive experience interacting with Sprint customer service, I called T-Mobile and after a consultation with an agent was told that no, I couldn't get a winmob handset with no internet plan.

My question is this; what kind of social engineering do I need to do to get what I want? Do I need to speak to a manager?

Many thanks in advance for any help

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