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    Hello, I'm Jordenn!

    I just joined because I need some real people answering my questions.

    My contract for T-Mobile ends on November 26, 2010. I am thinking about getting the new Samsung Vibrant phone. I'm curious, do I have to wait until that date to get it for $200 even though i'm willing to redeem my 2-year contract? I think yes, but I just want to make sure.

    Also I'm trying to decide if I should stay with T-Mobile and just get the Vibrant, or if I should actually change providers and go to Verizon for the Droid X or of course AT&T for the iPhone 4 or maybe even the Captivate.

    I know this is kind of broad, but I can really use other people's opinions. I'm thinking that staying with T-Mobile in my family plan would be much cheaper than going with an individual plan by switching. But *i've heard* the other providers are better and more reliable.

    Thank you, everyone.

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    Re: 2-year contract, Vibrant phone and best provider?

    Unless you are having problems or are dissatisfied with T-mobile then its best to stay right where you are. T-mobile offer some of the cheapest service plans only rivaled by sprint. The vibrant is an excellent phone purchase and I believe you will be satisfied with it. The captivate is mostly the same as the vibrant, they are both Samsungs Galaxy S smartphones but ATT has higher cost for talk time even with the useless rollover option. The iPhone is a popular device and has excellent technology but requires expensive data services to fully take advantages of its features. The DROID X is also a good choice. It has a high speed processor and a large screen for video playback and is on par with the two Galaxy S smartphones you mentioned.

    ATT and Verizon now has Tiered data service that seems like it could save you money but if your not careful you could rack up more cost than you expected to spend. I would stick with T-mobile and purchase the Vibrant. This phone comes preloaded with a full length movie and a video game that usually is designed for PC use.

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