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    It looks as if T-Mobile is getting ready to launch the Dell Streak 7 tablet pretty soon...which could be as early as February 2. The Dell Streak 7 tablet is T-Mobile's first 4G tablet that will be released that has read:HSPA+.

    Above is a document that popped up showing the release date as February 2. The Dell Streak 7 was first announced at CES but without any actual details. We will have to wait and see if this tablet actually launches on the date given.

    via: T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 may launch on February 2 Unwired View

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    Re: T-Mobile's Dell Streak 7 Tablet to launch on February 2

    im excited

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    Re: T-Mobile's Dell Streak 7 Tablet to launch on February 2

    T-Mobile sucks!

    Their service coverage is horrible. I lose signal in my own house (3 miles from downtown), at the Air Force base where I worked, and in downtown of major cities. Amazing how Verizon and AT&T works in all those areas… T-Mobile had great coverage for the 3 years I used them in Europe and Eastern Europe, but it sucks here in the USA.

    Their customer service sucks. Their representatives are rude. They'll talk over you and never answer your questions. They’ll make excuses of cell tower maintenance for poor service coverage. All the time? Really?!

    They do NOT obey federal law.
    I asked for a discount when I started my USA cell phone service contract 2 years ago. I showed the store rep my military ID card, and specifically asked if they had a discount. They said “No”. Then I find out 2 years later that they WERE supposed to give me a 15% (or more) discount under the "Federal Telecommunication Act of 1996 - Discount to Federal Employees Past and Present". So, in 2 years, T-Mobile robbed me of at least $936!!!
    I field a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and a T-Mobile rep then calls me to discuss it. (They refused to do so before when I called them…) They had the gall to say that I was supposed to ask the Air Force for the discount. Unbelievable! I said that my cell phone contract was with T-Mobile, NOT the Air Force. He said that it was my responsibility to ask for the discount. I said I did! Was he not listening?!
    I asked for his supervisor, but he refused to transfer me to anyone else. So I told him that if he wasn’t going to send a check or transfer me to his supervisor, that he was just wasting my time. He said again that he would not, so I hung up.

    So, if you have T-Mobile, and if you have any problems, don’t be silent! Complain! Use these forums, the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission. We can’t let T-Mobile get away with robbing us!

    If you are considering T-Mobile – DON’T!!! Stay the heck away from them!

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