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    Motorola CLIQ2

    Amazon is keeping busy with offering high end phones with lower prices than offered by the carrier. Now, Amazon has two T-Mobile devices, Motorola CLIQ2 and the HTC HD7 WP7 reduced down to a pretty reasonable price.

    The handset shown above is the Motorola CLIQ2, which was just launched a couple weeks ago at a price of $49.99. Amazon is now offering the Motorola CLIQ2 for $19.99.

    The second device that Amazon is offering at a reduced price is the HTC HD7. This Windows Phone 7 is originally priced at $89.99, but Amazon is offering the phone for only $29.99.

    via: [ame=]AmazonWireless: Motorola CLIQ2 Android Phone, Smoke Grey (T-Mobile)[/VIDEO] and
    [ame=]AmazonWireless: HTC HD7 Windows Phone (T-Mobile)[/VIDEO]

    See More: Amazon cuts price on T-Mobile's HTC HD7 & Motorola CLIQ2
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