A couple of months ago I got an unlocked Google Nexus S from Best Buy, and got it shipped to me in Norway. Now I'm going back to the US to stay for two months in GA, and I need some kind of prepaid plan for the period I'm in the US so I don't have to use my Norwegian number. I know that you can't access 3G without T-mobile simcard in the US, so I thought why not just go with T-mobile for these two months.

The question is: What is the easiest way for me to get a prepaid plan with simcard? Can I order just a simcard and pay online (with international credit card of course) or do I have to go to a store that serves T-Mobile to do this? I'm looking at prepaid plans that have text and preferably data included, and voice of course.

Any tips? Again, two months, international customer. I'm not going to need international calling.


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