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    T-Mobile will be the first carrier to get what they call, Name ID. Everyone is familiar with caller Id when it comes to the landline phones, but thanks to Cequint who brings City ID, T-Mobile customers can now add a caller with a single tap of their finger.

    The Name ID will check for incoming calls to your mobile device against those that are listed in your contacts. If the name does not match to the name in your contacts, you can add that call by tapping the screen. There is a cost for this service however and it's $3.99 a month.

    The only T-Mobile device that will have the Name ID as of right now is the Exhibit 4G but is said to be available at the end of the year on the MyTouch 4G.

    via: Caller ID for cell phones launches on T-Mobile - Jul. 13, 2011

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