About a few months ago I recieved an email notifying that T-Mobile was sending me a wireless device which I DID NOT order, this had been done by someone whom I dont know who is guilty of this. I immediately contacted customer services and explained to them what was going on. Their response was to just not except the package and return it back to t-mobile and they assured me this would resolve everything. This is exactly what I did when I received the UPS order I marked on it return to sender and I figured everything was taken care of. Well about a month and a half later I receive a bill from T-mobile saying I owed them $80 dollars so once again I contacted customer services and spoke with the supervisor there I explained to her fully my situation and once again she assured me that she has resolved the issue and that I would not be sent any more bills. Well low and behold today 10/13/2011 I recieve another bill from T-Mobile for $355.00. I immediately contacted customer service once again and I was informed thatI was indeed responsible for these charges, unless I went and filled out a police report and put someone's name on it , which in my mind that is faucely accusing someone , now wont that be a nivce slander case against me. What gets me I followed all the directions I was told to do, and T-mobilecontinues to harrass me. I can't understand why they keep charging me for a service and device I never even saw. I guess this is just t-mobile way of obtaining money from people under false pretences. I absolutely refuse to fill out a police report naming someone and ruin that persons reputation and also they would be facing criminal charges. I just want to add in here I am a disabled person living on a very fixed income and I would not be out getting expensive devices, after my call to customer care today I was almost taken to the hospital because of an extreme anxiety attack and pains in my chest, which thankgod I was able to calm myself down and get it to all go away.

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