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    T-Mobile G2x with Google
    My phone is a T-Mobile LG G2x (LGP999) running Android 2.3.3 (latest version is updated); using Microsoft Outlook 2007 (not sure what version of Microsoft Exchange is being used)

    When I try to setup a corporate email (Microsoft Exchange) on my LG G2x (P999), I am receiving an error message that states: "This server requires security features your phone does not support". The steps are as follows:

    1.) Go to the Email application from the main menu.

    2.) Select MS Exchange.

    3.) Set up email: Type your full email address and password.

    4.) Server Settings: Type Domain\Username; Password; Server; Select check boxes “Use secure connection (SSL)” and optional “Accept all SSL certificates” when first box is selected.

    5.) Account Options: Select how often you want your mail to arrive and your notification preference.

    6.) Type a name for your account.

    I am getting hung up on step #4 (Server Settings). I am 100% certain my domain\username and server address are correct but when I click “Next” to proceed to the next step I get the message "This server requires security features your phone does not support".

    For a test, my colleague entered his information on steps 1-4 into my phone and proceeded to step 5 immediately (Account Options). This problem happened to one other individual and he had to purchase a new phone to correct the problem (a Samsung). The problem seems to be around the phone or mail-server but I am out of options. Is there some setting to get it to work?

    Another test I performed, I successfully logged onto my friends phone with my account settings and managed to pull up my calendar / email. He was using a Motorolla phone that used Android 2.2 (an older version than I am using).

    Other Notes:

    A.) I can log into my webmail but this feature does not sync my calendar or give me instant email notifications. My email in Microsoft Outlook is working as well.

    B.) My username and password combination is definitely not the problem. I tried typing in a different password and it gives me a different error (username/password entered is incorrect).

    C.) I tried using “/” and “\” in the Domain\Username section. I also tried checking and un-checking the SSL options. I tried other servers available on-site (01 and 02 versions).

    D.) My work technical support insists there is nothing different about my security settings but unfortunately since it is a personal device they won’t offer any real support. They blame the phone or T-mobile. T-mobile blames the phone or the server. LG blames T-mobile or the server. See my problem?

    E.) I had a work phone recently that was taken away due to budget cuts so I know it is possible to get my email / calendar with an i-phone (3GS).

    F.) I also tried using “Other” on step #2 and entering the information manually (selecting exchange since it is not a “Pop” server). I still get the same message.

    G.) I rebooted the phone and even pulled the battery and restarted.

    H.) I can connect to my work wi-fi. I activated the wi-fi and tried to enter in all the server information but it still gave me the same error with wi-fi enabled.

    I.) I have setup my home email account but could not do it from the “Other” option in Step #2. (sbcglobal.net and a yahoo mail both required the yahoo app to work). I also got the g-mail account to work through the “g-mail” app.

    J.) It is a brand new phone purchased yesterday 12/13/11 (i.e. factory reset seems pointless and not attempted).

    Is there some phone setting I am missing? Any help on this matter or another method to sync my calender / work emails to my phone will be appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: LG G2X Corporate Email (Microsoft Exchange) Connection Problem

    Tengo problemas para enviar mensajes de texto

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