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    I have a family plan with T-Mobile ~ 3 phones, unlimited texts, no internet and about 300 minutes of talk time for $98.00 a month with a 2 year contract. When I first got the phones, I called T-Mobile and asked them what I needed to do to ensure my 2 teenage daughters could NOT go over their time or access the internet. They told me how to block the internet and told me there was really nothing to do to control the talk time of the phones. This worked fine for 18 months. I received this months bill and the amount due is $1,110.47 not $98.00 as I expected. I call T-Mobile POSITIVE this is an error. They tell me 1 of my phones is accessing the internet & talking on the phone (my 13yr old was guilty of using the phone). I told them the internet is blocked or should be blocked & I am informed they took that feature away a few months ago. I ask them why didn't they send me an email or a text (they send me texts ALL the time advertising crap) questioning the EXTREME change in my phone habits ~ Their response ~ "They are not legally obligated to do so." I tell them I cannot pay $1100 for a phone bill ESPECIALLY when I expected it to be $98, could they work with me, perhaps change my rate to one that includes this amount of talk time as a courtesy? The answer is no ~ I call & speak with 4 more reps BEFORE I get one that says she will change my rate to $300 IF I agree to renew my contract for an additional 24 months (at the monthly rate of $300) AND pay half of the amount due ($670.00) ~ I try to explain to her that is NOT a better deal. I told her that I didn't think she understood the situation ~ I CANNOT pay $1100, would they PLEASE work with me because if they couldn't the best response for me would be to pay nothing, default on my current contract (2 more months to go), which would result in them receiving NOTHING and me receiving a "DING" on my credit. The Rep told me that T-Mobile would rather send me to Collections than work with someone who clearly has no intentions of doing business with them. I was flabbergasted. I am writing a letter to the Corporate Office, but doubt this will see a resolution that doesn't SCREW me over. I post this here to make you wary of their business practice. As far as I'm concerned, they could have sent me a Text, questioning the activity, or prorated the plan as a 1 time courtesy IF Customer Service was really their goal. It clearly is not ~ Let the buyer beware when dealing with T-Mobile.

    See More: My T-Mobile Horror Story
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    Re: My T-Mobile Horror Story

    In the future,
    Find a carrier that has a family plans;
    Monitor your usage closely,
    Put a $300 cap on the account.
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    Re: My T-Mobile Horror Story

    Thats exactly what I did with my kids on AT&T,it was the only sane thing to do with 2 teenage girls,lol.

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