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    Hey guys -

    Wanting to vent here, because Tmobile isn't helping me out at all.

    Have a Galaxy S Android phone. Around 5 months old, really like the phone and did a lot of research into it. Purchased a nice Otterbox case, and screen protector. So far, very happy.

    This weekend while visiting friends in St. Louis, the screen died. I didn't drop it, smash it or anything. It was in my pocket, I tried turning it on, and the screen was just a mass of green pixels. The phone sounds and everything were working, but something with the screen was dead. Terrified, I took it to a TM store and the guy there confirmed it was dead.

    So here's where it gets crappy.

    1st. I am under warranty, so I am eligible for a new phone. However, I cannot get a replacement phone, I have to get the "nearest" approximate phone - an Exhibit. From what I can see, it's a "cheaper" phone. Cheaper casing, smaller screen etc. I voiced my displeasure at this yet the sales guy assured me it was similar if not better.

    2nd. I have to pay a $20 fee. Why? I have no idea. My phone is under warranty. It breaks. I should get a replacement. Period.

    3rd. The replacement phone is coming via mail, in a week or more?! WTF??! I use my phone for work, I rely on it. This is not acceptable.

    4th. I am paying the value plan on my phone (Galaxy S). So, I am going to be paying some analogous amount for this phone via my monthly bill. However, my replacement phone (which ISN'T the same phone), will require the same payment. This to me is bait and switch. My phone breaks, and I get it replaced with a ****tier phone , yet I am paying off my original phone.

    I called TM today and tried to complain to them, yet the rep just insisted this was all they could do. I am getting a loaner phone in the meantime (of course there's another fee). Also I found out that if I needed the phone sooner, I could pay ANOTHER fee to have it expedited.

    Just really frustrated and disappointed in T-Mobile and their ****ty service and screwing me over. They could have made me happy by:
    Replacing my broken phone with a new GalaxyS. I could reuse my case and be perfectly happy.
    In Lieu of that, upgrade my phone to the next Galaxy model. Not downgrade me to some ****ty economy phone. This is what REALLY pisses me off.
    Not add another $20 fee to replace an under warranty phone. This is complete bull****.
    Not try to sell me their ****ing phone insurance scam ($8 a month) for a phone that was still under warranty.

    Cell phones are big money for these companies, and their greed is endless.


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    Re: Replacement Phone under warranty - Crappy service/deal

    OMG! They are offering you a similar phone
    There is some comparison to these phone...
    (This comparison is the galaxy s2, the galaxy s is comparable)

    I would complain to corporate and switch providers.
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    Re: Replacement Phone under warranty - Crappy service/deal

    FYI: You are not entitled to a new phone under warranty conditions. The manufacturer, who does warranty service, only has to restore you to the state of your phone before the failure. This could be done through repair or replacement with a refurbished model. How could anyone expect to get a new phone for a five month old used phone? If someone wrecks your five month old car, you are only entitled to the value at the time of the destruction. You do not get a new car of the same model. The proceeds might allow you to pay full price for a less expensive car but the first loss payee would be the finance company. There may not be anything left over after the loan is paid off.
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