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    Hi, I am new here and not very technology savvy. I have previously had phone service with AT&T with an iphone and Sprint with a blackberry, both which worked very well.

    Recently due to finances I switched to a prepay plan with T-Mobile with limited minutes and data. I purchased an after-market Android phone new off of ebay. The phone sucks, and my question is this. Could the phone affect my coverage or is that just T-Mobile's service? Though the personal coverage map says I have excellent coverage in the areas I was in yesterday, I had 12 missed calls and voicemails but I was not notified of that till this morning.

    Is that the fault of the phone or T-Mobile? I don't want to buy another phone if I am going to have the same problems, but if it's due to using a cheap phone, I will get a new one. It is important that I receive all my incoming calls immediately.

    Thanks for any advice you have.

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    Re: cell phone reception affected by phone choice?

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    Your problem should be posted in the Tmobile forum...
    Your problem may be a combo of both: Bad phone & bad network.
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