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    I made the mistake of buying a T-Mobile phone and no-contract service after calling T-Mobile directly, as I have never found a rep in a store that is educated about many different cell phone carriers and service plans. I expected that if I spoke directly with the company, that I would get accurate information. NOT THE CASE! The rep told me I could get unlimited talk, text, and web with wi-fi hotspot for $50/month with a minimum of 3G speed due to where I live and the phone he sold me. He lied. T-Mobile does not wish to offer anything more than a $65 credit when in fact, the services that I was quoted $50 for, have turned out to cost $65/month, I am cut back to 2G speed after about 1 day into the plan, many times, the hotspot does not work for days, the customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. Today, while speaking with a supervisor, I was hung up on because he could not answer my questions. I am prevented from accessing a FREE wi-fi hotspot (Foxfi) because I have a T-Mobile phone. I signed no contract with T-Mobile, yet they can not show me in writing anywhere that I am prevented from using a free wi-fi hotspot.. I have it downloaded on my phone, but T-Mobile has blocked me from using it. If their service was what it was represented as when I bought the phone, I would not need to search for a free wi-fi hotspot, it would be included with my $50 "unlimited plan that includes the hotspot". I think I will write the FCC to let them know they need to initiate a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile. I nearly forgot... I was give the name James Alling to e-mail with my issue, but James Alling never responded. It has been 3 months, which I guess they have to wait until the taped conversation is no longer available so they do not have to address the issue of fraud.

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    Re: T-mobile dishonest, misrepresent, do not respond to customer issues

    I have issues with T-Mobile ever since they canceled my contract for no reason. I had 4 lines that I was the main account holder for-myself, my wife and our 2 kids. We all used the same calling area yet my line only was canceled because I used too many roaming minutes? How am I roaming and nobody else in my family is? I switched to another provider and never looked back.

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    Re: T-mobile dishonest, misrepresent, do not respond to customer issues

    If you're creating a WiFi network with your phone, that is called tethering, and is most likely not allowed unless you pay extra for it. Most of the carriers block it or charge extra for that feature.

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