T-mobile recently announced it's pre-paid plans. They are also in the process of upgrading their network to use similar frequencies to AT&T (AWS 1900), which means good news for those of you with AT&T iPhones that want to use T-Mobile's new pre-paid goodness.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to get 3g data speeds if T-mobile does not have AWS 1900 in your area yet. 4G LTE will not work.

Here's how to get your AT&T iPhone working on T-Mobile.

  1. Back up your iPhone with iTunes
  2. Get your iPhone unlocked - AT&T will do it for you if you are in good standing with them, are still a customer but you are no longer under contract, and the phone has not been reported lost or stolen. One of our unlocking vendors may also be able to help you unlock your iPhone. Send one of them a message.
  3. Restore everything from backup
  4. Don't cancel with AT&T yet
  5. Sign up with T-Mobile - Port your number to them and request a sim card (iPhone 5 uses nano-SIM, iPhone 4/4s uses a micro-SIM).
  6. Change some settings on you iPhone as outlined here:
    1. From the main menu, tap Settings.
    2. Tap General.
    3. Tap Network.
      • Note: For iOS6, tap on Cellular.

    4. Verify the following settings:
      • Data Roaming: On
      • Wi-Fi: Off
      • 3G Enable: On

    5. Tap Cellular Data Network.
    6. Configure the internet settings under the Cellular Data section:
      • APN: epc.T-Mobile.com
        • Note: For some iPhone unlocks you may need to use wap.voicestream.com.

      • Username: <Leave Blank>
      • Password: <Leave Blank>

    7. Configure the picture message settings under the MMS section:

    8. Enter the following information under the Internet Tethering section:
      • APN: pcweb.T-Mobile.com
      • Username: <Leave Blank>
      • Password: <Leave Blank>

    9. Press the Home button to save the APN and exit to the main screen.
    10. Verify MMS is enabled:
      1. Tap Settings.
      2. Tap Messages.
      3. Set MMS Messaging to On.
        • For iOS5 and lower, Tap MMS first.

    11. Turn the device off and back on.
    12. Test the connection by opening the Safari web browser and sending a picture message.

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