They told me that even though I have NE341LL/a Iphone 5s (originally for verizon) that can get the 4G LTE high speed network I won't be able to connect to some new 700MHZ band that is good for rural data and voice calls inside buildings.

I did a lot of research to make sure this phone got all the T-mobile bands, because my iPhone 5 couldn't connect to their 4G LTE, so I upgraded to this, but there was never any mention of this low frequency building penetrating band.

I complained about service inside buildings, and lack of actually data service on rural interstates and this is what they told me the problem is. I had to pull teeth to get them to tell me it's a 700MHZ network that's I'm supposedly lacking, and the rep wasn't very confidence inspiring.

Does anyone know if there is any validity to their statement? I'm checking before I order a different phone on eBay.


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