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    Hey guys so i currently have a galaxy s6 on T-Mobile, i owe about 200 dollars on the phone before its fully payed off. I am under a friends account and she has not been paying her part only i have, at this point the account is 580 dollars in the hole and im sure it is going to be turned off soon. I asked if i could go on my own but they said i couldn't do anything until the account at a good standing balance again which would consist of maybe 400 dollars and then on top of that my friend would have to give them the ok for me to get out the account which im sure shes not, I am not going to pay anymore. Is there a way to switch from T-Mobile to another carrier that uses the same towers etc even though i owe T-Mobile 200 dollars for the phone? is there a way to unlock it even with the balance of the phone and switch to another service? I will still be paying my phone off monthly, i just want to switch to another provider since i won't be able to use T-Mobile anymore. Tyia!

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    Re: can i unlock phone even with a balance?

    You can contact an unlocker (look in the Cell Phone Market on this site) and have them send you an unlock code for the phone. You should be able to use another sim in the phone. You probably won't get 4g data though.

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