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    Hello everybody, Today we are going to be doing a review of Us Mobile, A new cell phone carrier with plans cater to the individuel.

    This post will be broken up into three major parts, in the first part I'm going to be explaining how Us Mobile can provide such affordable deals, In the second part I'm going to be describing my experience with Us Mobile as a carrier and in the third part I'm gong to be discussing how you can test out Us Mobile for yourself and how to get set up on their network.

    1- How can us mobile be affordable?

    So Us Mobile was actually founded by a group of people at Gsm nation, They felt American are paying too much for their cell phone plans probably because they were also Americans and they too were paying too much on their cell phone bills, So this groupe of people at Gsm Nation got together and Us Mobile was formed.

    Us Mobile is able to provide it's low-cost service by running off another carriers already established network, So let's say it's T-Mobile's network what's happening is T-Mobile has some extra bandwidth on their network and in order to make more money they're selling the extra bandwidth at a low cost, Us Mobile is able to transfer this low-cost on to it's consumers which is how can provide such excellent plans at such an affordable price.

    Now I'm sure Us Mobile is not actually allowed to say which carrier they are using to provide their coverage but I'm fairly certain it's T-Mobile and here's why, First off in my testing i received about the same service on Us Mobile as i did on T-Mobile, second off their coverage Maps looks suspiciously similar and third off when I was running a test on the Internet speed of Us Mobil it said it was hosted by T-Mobile. This mean that if you get good T-Mobile service in your area you should definitely consider Us Mobile as a carrier.

    2- My Experience With Us Mobile

    So now that you that Us mobile cab be affordable without any kind of shenanigans going on this is what me experience was like on their network, So first off i was able to test their network on my unlocked iphone5, It was super easy to order up a nano sim card compatible with my iphone5 go online activated the sim card choose the plan i wanted and then pop the sim card into my device, It was also super easy to add additional minutes and text messages or Data to my plan before the month had expired.

    I personally thought call quality was right on par, sending message was also great and the Data speeds were fast enough for email fetching web browsing and social media using, using LTE provided the best online experience while using 3G was acceptable and reasonably fast, However anything below 3G like edge or GPRS was too slow and unusable so if you're gonna go with Us Mobile make sure you're in an area that at least gets 3G speeds.

    So overall I would say that I'm thoroughly impressed with Us Mobile their online experience was top-notch the customer support was also awesome,their cell phone plans plans are one of the best cell phone plans which are incredibly affordable .

    3-How You Can Test Them Out

    If you are interested testing Us Mobile out as a carrier or switching to them as a full-time provider this is what you need to do.

    First off you have to make sure you have an unlocked GSM phone this means an either out of contract At&t phone and out of contract T-Mobile phone or any phone you purchased at full price that runs on the GSM network, Doing a quick google search will land you with a bunch of results of phones that are compatible with the Us Mobile network.

    Next you will have to order a compatible sim card from Us Mobile themselves, the sim cards run about 4 dollars and the shipping is fast and free as mine came in just 3 days, To find out what kind of sim card is compatible with your phone you can easily hit up google or contact Us Mobile customer support

    Except there's one more thing you may need to activate your APN settings in order to get things like Mms messaging which includes group messaging and pictures messaging and your personal hotspot working properly.

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