My wife, my son and myself are all on the same T-Mobile One plan, and we all have the Samsung Galaxy S7.

I've tried installing two driving apps (Drivemode and, so that I can set up auto responses to be sent while I'm driving. Both apps appear to recognize text messages from all my other contacts. I have tested this with both Samsung Galaxy users as well as contacts who use T-Mobile.

However, texts from my wife or my son are not captured, they are simply ignored by both apps.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Is there something particular or different about the way text messages between family members on the same plan are sent or processed vs everyone else, that could be causing this issue?

App support has been non-responsive, and of course T-mobile's response is "we don't support 3rd party apps". So I'm coming to the tech forums.... someone has the answer.

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