I was a loyal customer of T-Mobile for almost 6yrs. My wife loved them - on the account I'm considered the primary. Just stating facts minus all the tears, gas and money I don't have. January 2018 my wife was killed while riding her motorcycle, February I cancelled her line and tablet # & I cannot say this indefinitely but I think I was fussing because I had to pay to cancel and she's dead! Well, August 4th, I activated my new phone and fully left TM, so I thought but it was a very long & stressful change to new company, I had to drive to the store to resolve issue, only to return to another store following day and wait for that whole process or whatever we correcting. I was talking with a friend & they mentioned email and I said I never got it phone has been crazy. So, while looking thru I see something from TM. A bill for $568.98????? I called August 14th spoke to Al-londria,TM Rep. I ask what going on with my bill, she asked all the questions and states "You don't owe anything, Ms. Wilkerson, your account was closed out on the 4th & you transferred your number. I said excitedly "Are you serious, I had two lines, she stated I see what you had I am looking at it and you owe nothing!" Thank you God. Until Saturday, August 25th, when I got an alert that my bank account was over drafted. Please know I don't play with my credit score. TM took $568.98, for my wives phone that was completely damaged. This issue was settled in March by providing the death certification. So, I was totally blindsided! I call and the rep could not help due to some 6 digit pin. Now, I have to go to the store only to walk away upset. I returned to the store on Tuesday & setup pin. Spoke to all kinds of people on the phone & face to face and I was not heard! Final someone slipped and said you were told wrong info BUT supervisor says "She did give you wrong info and NEVER CLOSED OUT ACCOUNT, but you owe it anyway"???? I said I owe my rent and car payment.. I then asked so even the Rep gave incorrect information, you are truly ok with this!! I still tried to say what happened with the write off with the proof of death certification. I was told it wasn't there! My attorney faxed it to the number they provided. BUT TM doesn't care how loyal you are as a customer and dealing with my wife's death still, I am financially strapped & drowning quickly. As you know car payments & rent you don't play with and TM screwed me & got me my first late payment. They should have corrected it because I know they listened to the call - I was insist on that! I just am hurt because no one wanted to admitted it was & They didn't not have MY PERMISSION! Because the REP should have closed my account like requested!!!! Now that's just unprofessional & BAD Business.... I will always steer people away from your store because in spite of my situation YOU LACK INTEGRITY!!!!!!!

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