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    I live in a large condo with all manufactured or block homes.
    Presently, we have a contract with Comcast that provides 68 channels and no internet.
    Comcast just gave a proposal for their X1 TV, 150mb internet and other items.

    One of the other options being considered os "air" tv and using streaming provided by cell phone hot spots.
    The thought being that all residents could purchase a T-Mobile basic plan with Unlimited Data and use that for their internet and streaming.

    Being a local IT, I was asked about this and have no answer.
    I do have a couple of customers that use their T-Mobile for their internet but all they do is check emails and some web site work.

    Has anyone ever heard of anything like this being done?
    On a large scale basis?


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    Re: Unlimited data question

    im kind of in the similar situation if anyone has the answer to.

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