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    I have conflicting information comparing what Tmobile reps tell me and what I see on the T-mobile website. I am in Brazil connected to wifi and make a wifi call to the USA
    1) Website says I wont be charged (I have an unlimited plan): (on tmobile website docs/DOC-1680#secondheading )
    2) Tmobile rep says I WILL be charged unless in airplane mode with wifi turned back on before placing the call, even if it is clearly a "wifi call"
    3) other users have told me I "may or may not" be charged

    Here's what I see on my phone notification panel (I am physically in Brazil with T-mobile sim)
    1) NOT in airplane mode, but wifi connected and wifi calling enabled
    Tim 21 Wifi Calling - Claro BR
    2) same as above except IN airplane mode with wifi turned back on
    T-Mobile Wifi Calling - No Service

    I can definitely make a wifi call either way. What bothers me (other than the tmobile rep comments) is that when not in airplane mode the foreign sim provider name (Tim 21) instead of "T-Mobile" in the wifi calling notification message. This strikes me as odd. does it have any material meaning regarding wifi calls?
    Will I potentially be charged in scenario 1 above? never? sometimes? every time? if its a wifi call through a private wifi connection, why?

    thanks in advance for any help!

    See More: wifi calling charges
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