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    I'm not sure if anyone else has a problem with this. but i can't get rid of the operator logo, i downloaded the transparent logo but when i go to set logo to on, it says sorry logo can not be turn on when roaming. and i'm not even roaming, whats up with that. i live southeast of north america.

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    I have been wondering the same thing. I cannot stand the Logo they put in the middle of my V205 screen. It blocks most of the Wallpaper. I asked around, and I have not found a way to do so. People say it's impossible. If you find a way, let me know because I would be very interested.
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    the only way is to do a firmware flash. the operator logo is there cuz t-mo has locked/branded the firmware for use with their sims/networks only. flashing your phone, in this case a v205, with the v200 G1 firmware will allow use on other networks with their sims and give you the option of disabling the time/date/logo, among other added features. here is a link with about flashing. i refer to this every time i flash, which is often. you can find the flashing software, firmwares, etc. at aviworld.de or howardforums.com. the most current v200 firmware is the G1, it's stable unlike what others have said.


    in case, the link doesn't work here is the body of the message.

    How to Flash V205 > V200?
    How to Flash V205 > V200?

    Pros and Cons:

    Before undertaking the operation you should take into account if it is worth your while or not. Below are a few things that will change once this has been carried out.

    - Date Changed to European standard format (DD/MM/YY instead of MM/DD/YY)
    - Phone numbers no longer formatted in American format (ie, 1-800-666-6666 will now display in European/international standard 18006666666) – This does not effect dialling in any way.
    - WAP/GPRS settings revealed easily and easily accessible.
    - DNS settings revealed
    - Phone becomes sim-unlocked. If it was locked to T-Mobile it now will be open to any operators sim card.
    - Extra languages, many more European languages available
    - T-Mobile start up and shutdown logos removed, replaced with flashy GPRS animations.
    - Zoom function added to camera
    - Ability to upload pictures directly to your computer via EasyGPRS
    - ALL downloaded backgrounds/ringers and phone stored messages will be lost.

    Some American users who have undertaken this operation have noticed that they have an “R” appear in their menu bar which stands for Roaming. As the V200 software is originally intended for Europe and these users are in the United States the software somehow notices that they are Roaming outside the original location (Europe).

    It has been documented by all American users that this DOES NOT effect your billing.

    What you require:

    Samsung SGH-V205
    Data Cable (USB or OEM V200/S300)
    V200 firmware and software


    The data cable I used was the one that came with my Samsung S300 as this is exactly the same as the V200 OEM data cable. It would also be possible to use the Mobile Action USB data cable for the V200 (www.mobileaction.com)

    Do a search for this and you should be able to find a dealer near you.

    If you own the original OEM Samsung cable a small rubber piece on the cable needs to be removed and the data flow set to “D/L”.

    (NOTE: At all costs please try not to abort this operation half way through either by removing the cable in panic or switching anything off, if something doesn’t seem right it is better to let the operation finish or you could damage your phone.)

    Step By Step:

    1) Download the following file,


    Then extract the files to your computer. This will require winrar (www.rarlab.com)

    2) Remove your simcard from your phone.

    3) Replace the battery. Leave the phone turned off!

    4) Go into \V20x\ and run the program Optiflash

    5) Goto the menu and select Options -> Settings.

    6) Change the COM port to the one your cable is connected to. Mine was COM port 2. The max transfer speed should automatically be set to 921600, if not change it to that. (You can find out which COM port its connected to when you use EasyGPRS, as it’s the port that works and your phone connects to.)

    7) Press the Generic tab at the top of the screen.

    8) Under Specify Hardware Platform in the drop down box select “Customer T1, V200”

    9) Click the tab Flash&Verify

    10) Browse to find the file http://www.lochshire.net/firmware/V20XXWA2V20XXWC3.sre

    It should be located where you have extracted the files to http://www.lochshire.net/firmware/V20XXWA2V20XXWC3.sre

    Make sure the reserved ranges are left blank

    Press the OK button to return to the main Optiflash screen.

    11) Press the FLASH button.

    It should have some progress bars and then tell you to Power on.

    Attach the phone to the data cable and keep hold of the power button for a few seconds. The phone will now flash. A progress bar will chart the progress of the operation. This should take between 16 and 25 minutes.

    12) A message all is well should be displayed. Disconnect the phone from the cable.

    Quit Optiflash.

    Remove the battery. Leave the phone for a few minutes and then reattach the battery.

    13) Switch the phone on still without simcard and do the following. (You will have to keep your finger on the power on button for longer than normal, keep hold until the phone switches on. If it doesn’t switch on, remove the battery and replace it and leave the phone for a few more minutes then keep hold of the power button until the phone turns on)

    It should say “insert sim card” but in German.

    *2767*MEDIA# <====*2767*63342#
    *2767*FULL# <====*2767*3855#
    *2767*CUST# <====*2767*2878#
    *2767*WAP# <====*2767*927#
    *2767*STACKRESET# <====*2767*7822573738#

    *Phone will restart after each code is entered*

    Phone will load up and Insert Sim Card displayed again.

    If your phone still displays in german do the stackreset code again.

    14) Switch off the phone and insert your simcard. Power on and you now have a brand new V200 software phone. Enjoy!

    15) This version of the firmware WILL change your IMEI, goto http://www.chris.tp/samsung/ and in the V200 dir download the IMEI changer program to change back to your original IMEI.

    (NOTE: This firmware is the European standard. Some American users may need to change the network type that they are on to the American GSM 1900 band. Goto MENU->Network Services->Band Selection (7)->GSM 1900 (2). – European/Asian users should select GSM 900/1800 which it should already be set to)

    Backing up your V205 firmware:

    If you are worried about damaging your phone you can backup your current firmware from your phone.

    The firmware is available to download from,


    If you feel you need/want to back up your own from your own phone follow the steps below.

    1) Load OptiFlash that came with the V200 firmware.

    2) Goto Options->Settings->Com Port and choose the COM port your cable is connected to.

    3) Click on the READ tab.

    4) In the input box under READ RANGES type the following;

    0x00000000 - 0x00001fff

    click Add Region

    then type;

    0x00004000 - 0x00ffffff

    click Add Region

    5) Under Save File press browse and select a directory and file name to save your firmware file to.

    6) Press OK to return to the main OptiFlash screen and click read.

    7) Press Read and some progress bars will go by quickly and then you are told to power on phone.

    8) Attach your data cable and press the power button. Make sure the battery is attached or if not then the power cable is attached on the OEM cable.

    Re-Flashing with V205 Firmware:
    (This section is untested or has been carried out by someone other than myself, in theory this should work but I have personally not done this myself)

    If for some reason your operation wasn’t successful or you decide to go back to the V205 firmware follow the guide below.

    If you backed up your V205 firmware you can use that or the V205 firmware is available from,


    Please follow the flashing to V200 guide but instead use the following steps for the corresponding numbers,

    9) Click the tab Flash&Verify

    10) Browse to find the file V25UVVL2.s3 or whatever you named your firmware if you backed up the V205 firmware yourself.

    Press the OK button to return to the main Optiflash screen.

    Continue with the rest of the steps listed in the V200 flashing section of this guide.


    * Credit to Chris Seward a.k.a. cool96

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    what does this have to do with removing the logo thats to unlock it...

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    it takes away t-mobiles junk. It allows you to change everything, even battery symbol and menus. It also lets you DL pics from your phone if t-mobile blocked it

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