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    Beginning in May of this year, Telstra is planning on running a trial of LTE. Not only will a trial begin for LTE but will provide 4G as well by hooking up with Ericsson, Nokia Networks and Huawei.

    And according to Michael Rocca, acting Chief Operations Officer of Telestra, LTE will be an important evolution for the Next G network, it won't be a revolution because HSPA+ is already setting the benchmark for our customers' experience.

    It's not known when Telestra will roll out the LTE network, but it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.

    via: About Telstra - Media Centre - Announcement - Telstra to begin LTE trials in May

    See More: 4G and LTE trials to begin with Telestra
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    Re: 4G and LTE trials to begin with Telestra

    That's awesome!

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