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    Since my contract runs out in early March 2005, I was thinking about getting the Kyocera 7135. Does anyone know ANYTHING about the next model coming out? I haven't seen anything anywhere.

    Should I wait or go for it with this one? Its a very popular model. The reviews report a few severe bugs (Internal Error, loss of data) according to some reviews. Some are affected, some are not. Some say don't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Others say it's great. Nothing much in between.

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    Generally all the phones that are being released for the winter season are done before Christmas, for the Christmas rush obviously. But, if you want to see all of the phones that Telus offers, go to www.telusmobility.com and you can browse all the phones they have to offer

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    Canada, eh?

    right now Telus is having a sort of 'clearance' of 'older' models, like the LG0670 which was over $150 about a year ago and now is $0 on a 3 year contract with 6 months unlimited calling...new model launches are seasonal...and the next new models are surely to be released by the end of April or early May...

    I wonder if there's any truth to the i860 coming very soon on Mike and a CDMA version of the RAZR V3 in about a year?

    one thing's for sure, the i833 will be within weeks...an iDen of course similar to the i830 in functionality but designed by PININFARINA (designers for Ferrari and Maserati)

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