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    is it me or is possible for someone to read my text msgs and see my photos/videos on telus?

    i received a text msg ( from a -, i guess it was from a computer ) saying they were able to see all my photos/videos i sent my boyfriend and then after i got that text i texted my best saying how upset i was and i was going to th cops about it and that sameee person text me back saying i shouldnt go to the cops or they'll leak all my information
    i think this person is my stalker
    i dont know what to do
    i called telus and they told me its impossible for someone to do that but clearly it isn't!!

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    Re: cell phone hacked?

    Did they provide any proof they could see the pics (i.e., screen capture or return email with your pics)? If not, I would think this is someone pulling your leg looking to get a reaction.

    The only way they could have gotten these pics would be if:
    * You gave your phone to someone and they forwarded the pics - but then you will have a history of where the pics were sent
    * Your bf sent the pics somewhere
    * Someone was looking over your bf's shoulder as he was watching (in this case, they don't have a physical copy)
    * You mistakingly sent the pics to the wrong number or email
    * Your pics are uploaded to the mytelusmobility.com site and you gave your password out (or someone figured it out).

    Either way, until they provide proof - as in send you a pic - I wouldn't worry about it.

    BTW- if you can convince them to send you a pic...and they do...then you've got an IP address or cell number that can be traced. If you push it far enough, you'll get 'em.
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    Re: cell phone hacked?

    it is possible to clone a sim card, thus cloning/duplicating anything that it receives. This is highly unlikely though. More info on SIM cloning here: SIM cloning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: cell phone hacked?

    the sender could have been from the telusmobility.ca text message function where someone can send you a text anonymously if you so want...I would say someone is pranking you.

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    Re: cell phone hacked?

    I guess its a lot like spam emails saying something that is untrue.

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    Re: cell phone hacked?

    Quote Originally Posted by tavenger5 View Post
    it is possible to clone a sim card, thus cloning/duplicating anything that it receives.[/URL]

    Early SIM cards, pre-2000, it was possible and on SIM cards that use the early, weak security.

    The later SIMs, post 2001, and USIMs are very different and despite a few claims about cracking the later security, it is unlikely these SIMs/USIMs will be cloned using the current methods. Most of the operators use electronic countermeasures anyway, and apply numerous trap-doors to create dead man's trap.

    This was a report that I wrote in 2002:

    Mobile Telephone Evidence: Cloning GSM SIM Card Report

    If the link fails, go to Mobile Telephone Evidence and use the search function at my blog.

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    Re: cell phone hacked?

    omgosh...thatz so freaky, thatz the kind of thing i'm worried about >.< =\
    maybe you should just change your number??
    and heck...try getting it free...like, just tell telus your not feeling safe, and show them your stalker msg's and they just have to provide you with a new phone number for free~
    cuz....your safety definetly comes first 0.0

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    Re: cell phone hacked?

    I am in a simular situation. My work phone has been charged over $700 for net browsing ,sending photos and text messages. I have done non of this on my phone in fact do not know how,
    Does anyone have an idea how this has happpened? Phone company claims it is from my phone. Only thing that makes sense to me is a possible cloning of my phone.

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