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    My friend just picked up one of these yesterday, looks like a really nice phone

    Click to see~> New Nokia 6280 at 3

    Anyone else have one....
    Any pro's and con's from your point of view?


    Video Calling

    2 megapixel camera

    8x digital zoom, LED flash and camera activation slide

    Integrated VGA camera

    Bluetooth™, Infrared and USB connectivity

    6 MB internal memory

    FREE 64MB mini SD memory card

    Built-in stereo FM radio

    Stereo digital music player

    Email- 3 email address and access external (POP3) email

    Modem to access the Internet via your laptop

    Image Editor

    *This mobile cannot be unlocked (yet )

    The slide seems to have a little bit of movement in it but that would be more for protection against any bumps (if it didn't move at all a shock would snap it off!)

    I've heard there were firmware problems with the earlier models but that seems to have been addressed now.

    I also heard there was trouble with the phone freezing when connecting to the Planet 3 content but hers seems to be fine with this aswell!

    See More: New Nokia 6280 Slider on 3
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    Re: New Nokia 6280 Slider on 3

    Its nice and extremely fee gift i want to buy

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