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    Your Pantech C610 can be used with only one sim card ?
    This is mean that your Pantech C610 is locked (simlock) and can be used only with sim card from network that you bought phone.

    If you like to use your C610 with other sim cards (if your phone is in Vodafone and you wish to use Orange) you need to unlock phone. is specialising in fast and easy phones unlocking. We are using best unlocking technology, that's why the unlocking with us save time and problems.
    You don't need any special skills or knowledge to unlock your C610 .

    Pantech C610 can be easliy unlocked by code.

    Price is cheap as 4.99 EURO.

    How to order an unlock code for Pantech C610 :

    1. go to and choose your Pantech model or go directly to unlock by code Pantech C610
    2. press "Unlock Pantech C610"
    3. Choose unlock product for your Pantech ( in some cases only one product is available )
    4. Enter your Pantech IMEI number and if needed other required information.
    5. press "order code"
    6. fill all needed information like name, e-mail and others
    7. Pay for an unlock code
    8. after average time (check how much it takes for chosen product) you will receive all codes and unlock guide to your Pantech C610 .

    To enter unlocking code to Your Pantech C610 You need to do :


    2.Press the following sequence: *#865625#

    3.SIM Unlock Menu will appear, press OK

    4.Enter Unlock Code (8 digit code)WHICH YOU RECEIVED FROM SIM-UNLOCK.NET*

    5.Re-enter Unlock Code (8 digit code)*

    6.YOUR PHONE will display Unlock Process

    Complete. Press OK. The PHONE is now unlocked

    The Pantech C610 can be easily unlock with us.
    Unlocking also allow You to increase value of your Pantech C610 because it can be used with all network cards.
    Your phone will never locked again.
    After unlocking You can use Your Pantech C610 with sim cards from differents network like vodafone, t-mobile, O2, movistar, orange.

    Why unlock Pantech C610 and why choose ?
    - we are cheapest unlocking site over the internet
    - cutting down on the cost of calls and text messages
    - our support will answer to Your question and problems while unlocking Pantech C610
    - opportunity to buy a foreign SIM card in another country to avoid roaming charges
    - we always inform You how to enter unlock code to Your Pantech
    - we give 100% support in case of any problems while unlocking Your Pantech C610

    See More: Easy and fast unlocking Pantech C610 to use all sim card Pantech unlock

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    Re: Easy and fast unlocking Pantech C610 to use all sim card Pantech unlock

    Thanks for sharing this method.

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