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    I Brandy am a small business owner makeup artistic who recently began to expand, so I am looking to bring on some help. I need someone who can act as a personal assistant/cashier,to recieve payment and take care of some data entry, cover the clients when I am sick or out of town. To start I can only guarantee a small number of hours but anticipate this growing quickly. The right person will be someone who is self-motivated, works well with others but also on their own, and who is looking for an opportunity to grow with an expanding small business.the company Head Quarter is Located at CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

    Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, other office products
    Own computer that can be used for business purposes
    Flexibility in schedule that weekly hours changing is a possibility
    Base knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting practices

    Interested candidates please email the following:Text My Phone number :+13236384218 or Email me brandyt668/ @/ g

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    Re: Part-Time Assistant/Bookkeeper/Cashier

    The ways celebrities have incorporated self-care into their lives have already been inspiring, with things like meditation, mindfulness, and other exercises becoming more mainstream to help us all live better and also they said that how celebrities teach and practice self care. Thank you!

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