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> On Sat, 26 Nov 2005 00:43:10 GMT, "Alan J Robertson"
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>>Try saying that you've just moved house and reception isn't any good -
>>there's not much way they can argue with that and should do the trick.

> It would be unusual for them to allow it if thats the case, they don't
> promise coverage in any particular location, and I'd doubt there is
> anything in the T&C that will allow you to cancel just because you
> moved and the signal is bad

No but this is just for giving your notice at the end of your 11th month. I
agree you can't cancel earlier because of this but what the OP was
complaining about was that it takes about half an hour of going through
endless 'offers' from their customer services staff before they'll finally
let you cancel. If you just say you can't get good enough reception then
hopefully they'll accept that and not try to keep offering you a deal on



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