Hi there,

I received my D600 a few days ago and having problems using my Blutooth
dongle with PC Studio 3 with it.

I used the same Bluetooth dongle with my D500 and Samsung PC Studio PIMS 2.0
without a problem so I know the dongle is fine.

I can bluetooth from my D600 to and from my D500 so the phone's internal
bluetooth seems to be functioning.

I pair the phones with my Bluetooth dongle without a problem get asked for a
passkey on the dongle software, then the phone asks afterwards. I can see
the phone within the bluetooth software without a problem....

I then fireup PC Studio, ensure the connection type of bluetooth, then the
connection wizard fires up - Then get a dialogue box saying "Bluetooth
Connection wizard can not be supported" ...

.... So I then select MANUAL - This is where I can configure a COM port. Now
I've always used COM3 without a problem with my D500...

Anyway, select COM3 .....

Hey presto the D600 says "Serial connect with MyPC" to which I reply "Yes"..

So up to this point everything is how I expect it to be... just like the
D500 but then PC Studio 3 says phone did not respond. AND that's where I'm
at, cannot get PC Studio 3 to connect with the phone.

I have unload / reloaded the bluetooth software to no avail. However
everything works just fine with my D500 and the Samsung PC Studio PIMS 2.0.

I'm at a loss.

PS - I have tried the USB cable that comes with the phone.. works a treat
without any worries (not fully tested each function but connects etc.)

BUT I have a blueooth dongle and it's just easier...

Anyone else?



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