I currently have a 7100t blackberry phone with sim from T-Mobile UK. I
would really like to change the handset that I'm using to something
that is more functional. At the moment I'm considering i-mate JasIn,
i-mate K-Jam, or other more functional phone type devices. The i-mate
devices are Windows Mobile 5 devices.

Can someone tell me if I can do a straight exchange of t-mobile sim
card from the 7100t to the i-mate devices. I think the documentation
says that the i-mate devices can support a Blackberry Email Client.
What does that mean? Is the "Email Client" a separate piece of software
or can Windows Mobile 5 handle it?

Also, is it just a case of taking out the sim card and putting it in
the i-mate?

Will I be charged extra for using a different device?

Any help appreciated.



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