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    Joao Saraiva
    I am on O2 and yesterday got 2 txt messages of SPAM and today 2 more !!!

    I called Carphone customer service and they told me that I was charged 1.50
    per message !!! and they had no way to stop it ... only way was me to send a
    reply message to the spammers saying STOP .

    Is it like this ? Anything else I can do ...

    Thanks for the help ...


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    Re: SMS SPAM !!! HOW TO STOP IT ???

    We'll your operator sold you a little short - You can make your network
    providor tell you who sent you the premium SMS and then, as long as you
    didn't sign up for this service, you should be entitled to a refund!

    Also check out

    Just out of interest, where was the number from?

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