Would you believe O2 Online made me pay 49 for an upgrade to w800i?
They gave me the k750i free last year, how odd! (Although I sold it because
at the time I needed the money). I must of spent about an hour on the phone
to various people at upgrades and retentions, but they would not budge on
the 49 upgrade, even though it is free with every other tarrif for new
customers! Anyway, I did end up getting an excellent tarrif instead, 500
x-anytime mins and 500 texts for 20pm.

Back to my intended topic.... Previously I was using the Nokia 6230 via GSM
wap minutes to access internet and i got 500 minutes worth. However, now
that my w800i supports IMAP and I no longer have GSM wap minutes, I am
forced to use the free GPRS (1MB). I used GPRS a while back on a train to
use MSN Messenger with my laptop and it ended up costing me a bomb without
realising. The free 1MB seemed to be used up in a matter of minutes.

What I'm wondering, is how many emails I can download via IMAP on my w800i
before I use up my 1MB?

Average size of an email is 6KB.

Now, that would suggest I get 170 emails, although I realise it isn't that
simple. I will also sometimes be replying to them...

Btw i have only set the client to download headers, unless i click on a
specific email...

How have other people got on in the real world with 1mb free GPRS....It
sounds pathetic amount...


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