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    Adam Funk

    Re: Premium Rate SMS Spammers

    On 2006-08-29, Paul Cupis <[email protected]> wrote:

    >> Since the network operators aren't required to provide refunds to the
    >> victims, who is supposed to benefit from the 30 day holding period?
    >> Or is this supposed to encourage them to do so?

    > I'll have to refer you to:
    > particularly section 2.3.9.

    So the purpose is to allow ICSTIS to collect oustanding fines owed by
    the payee.

    See More: Premium Rate SMS Spammers

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    Re: Premium Rate SMS Spammers

    On Fri, 25 Aug 2006 02:08:51 +0100, "Ivor Jones"
    <[email protected]> wrote:
    >It *is* possible to receive these messages without ever having
    >"subscribed" by any method. I know, I got one.

    I can confirm that!

    This is an edited re-post of an old post of mine, but relevant!

    "My April O2 bill showed a 1.50 charge for interactive services

    See my previous post "84010 and O2 customer services - bouquet"

    I immediately got on to O2 customer service. They were really helpful
    AFTER I said that O2 were in fact fraudulently charging me for
    something I had neither received nor ordered by any means.

    It turns out the senders short code belongs to

    My phone supports neither download ringtones nor games - it's an old

    I suggested they check back through my SMS record to confirm that I
    don't ever send texts from my O2 phone.

    I can now confirm that O2 have refunded the 1.50 charge and credited
    it to my next bill - great!

    Today however my phone gave the incoming SMS message tone, but there
    was no message, or any indication that anything had been received. So
    I got on to O2 again and asked if was possible that this was an
    indication that I was being sent a ringtone or something similar, and
    likely to be charged for it.

    The CS bod told me that this was not possible. I'm not convinced
    however, and told him that I would like confirmation of this.


    The guy told me that I could check back with customer service 48 hours
    after receiving anything I considered suspect and find out if it had
    incurred a charge.

    So, on Tuesday I'll do just that! Fortunately it's a free call from
    the mobile on 100.

    I don't know if the other networks can do likewise, but if we all keep
    pestering our network customer services perhaps they'll do something
    about it.

    I for one, refuse to spend 12p to stop something I did not start!"


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