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    It looks very much like I'm going to have to get my wife a new mobile
    - she thinks her 7110 has now passed its sell by date.

    I am considering a Samsung D900 for her, so have a few questions:

    She would like

    A phone with a largish/usable keypad
    A slider to stop her ringing her mother from her handbag
    A largish display
    A large memory for phone numbers
    Also a camera (not too sure why though)

    The D900 seems to tick all the boxes - anyone got any comments on the
    suitability of the D900 or suggestions for another phone that will
    tick similiar boxes

    I also need a hands free car-kit. I understand Samsung market one (not
    a bluetooth hanging off ther ear one, but a wired into the car one) -
    will I have to purchase one from Samsung or will any car-kit do, e.g.
    a Nokia one?



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    purple pete

    Re: Samsung D900

    Not got one myself but this may help a bit



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