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>> I've been looking at http://www.sitefinder.radio.gov.uk/ and notice that
>> orange have littered my town with cells while the other networks can make
>> do with just one or two. It might be a dumb question but why is this?
>> It's not a large town and I get a reception where ever I am with only one
>> cell!
>> Dan

> because Orange and T Mobile as pissy 1800 Mhz only systems..........

With more than twice the bandwidth, and shorter reuse distances
for their BTS, than 900 Mhz networks.

Here in BN10 postcode, we have one Cellnet, one Voda,
one T Mobile, two Orange, and three 3, BTS for a town of
22,000 people.

Guess how many calls i can make at peak times on my O2

Steve Terry

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