Sorry to seem quite so useless, I don't believe this either. I can
normally find things.

A visitor showed me a Nokia 9300 - like phone today, keypad on the
front, opened up to wide/low screen, alphanumeric keypad longways,
with facility for office-like document editing. It folded back into
what I considered to be a normal if slightly longer than average sized
phone. I asked the model and was told Nokia 6330.

I quite liked it, and wanted to check all its features, and some user
reviews such as battery life etc. Nokia don't seem to list it.
Searches on Nokia and Google seemed promising, but in fact all
resulted in Nokia 6'6'30, which is not the same thing. The visitor's
phone did 'not' have a camera. I searched and loaded a lot of pages.

Is there, or was there, a '6330'? If there is/was, does any kind soul
know of a page that describes it? Alternatively, if there isn't a
6330, what might have the visitor's phone really been? It didn't have
the slightly curvy keypad that the 9300i appears to have.

best wishes,

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