I've been using the Nokia Cark-91 car kits in my cars without problem
for years, and now in the pop-port era have swapped to the plug and go
type (HF-3) allied to a Nokia holder.

Whilst not the neatest solution, this has worked well for many months in
both of our cars and with both mine and my partner's phones.

Recently however I've been having problems.

Now when I put my phone into the kit, it always starts charging, but
then either doesn't change profile at all, or more regularly changes it
to headset (displaying the picture of a cyberman). Rarely now does it
change profile to hands free (displaying the picture of the car).

More frustratingly, sometimes when removing the phone from the car it
retains the headset profile so it will happily ring silently and
vibration free and then auto answer - all in my pocket and with me
blissfully unaware.

As this happens in both cars (which each have their own HF-3 and holder)
and only with my 6230 (other half's phone behaves as expected), I
suspect the phone.

Any thoughts? I would have thought possibly lose or dirty connection,
but I would have thought that would only explain where it doesn't
recognise the kit at all. The fact that it still thinks it's connected
when it's clearly not makes me think it could be a software bug. I'm
running V5.40 if that helps.
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