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    Brian Wescombe
    I tried to copy an MPEG4 video clip to my K750i, but the phone can't seem to
    find it anywhere! I copied it to different folders on the memory stick but
    to no avail.
    Any ideas how to make the file playable on the phone?

    Thanks in advance

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    Marzy is offline

    Bandung, Indonesia

    Re: MP4 videos on K750I

    hi there....
    K750i cannot plays MPEG4 video.
    you should convert it into 3gp format..
    as long as i knew it....

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    Re: MP4 videos on K750I

    Actually, K750i CAN play MPEG-4 videos, that is, the phone supports
    MPEG-4 codecs but only packed in 3GPP (*.3gp) container. You can use
    any existing MPEG-4 codec (DivX, XviD, ffdshow MPEG-4) and wrap the
    video inside 3gp container. Standard *.mp4 container is recognized as
    an audio file (regardless of whether you have video inside, only audio
    will be played, if audio codec is supported)... Hope that helps

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