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    A friend has offered their redundant Nokia 6230i which is locked to
    Vodafone. I have TMobile simm and need to unlock it.

    I have downloaded several of the key generators (aka the Hollowman
    type on but am confused as to whether
    this is a DCT 3 or 4 phone???

    These apps also list a choice of 3 types of firmware options... where
    would I find what mine is? - NOT the IMEI nos, I have that..

    I understand that you only get 5 attempts to enter a code... so far 2
    have failed, so want to get it right in next 3 goes!

    Thanks for any advice


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    Re: Unlock 6230i

    On Mon, 5 Feb 2007 21:41:53 -0000, Jon <[email protected]>

    >[email protected] declared for all the world to hear...
    >> It is DCT4 and you only need to enter lines #5 and #7.

    >5 on its own will do the job.

    Hi Steve,

    I went to Unlockitfree and got some codes... just trying to tally up
    what you briefly mentioned with the codes that were generated.

    Sorry for seeming 'thick' but what did you mean by enter lines #5 and

    .... there are two that end #5 and another #7... are these the two to
    try then?

    Many thanks


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