Hi All,

I'm not really 'up' on mobiles and want to transfer my 'stuff' from my
3510i to a 6310i and would like to know the best way to do that
please? The SIM was the one that originally came with my Motorola M300
with 121 years ago (in case that makes a difference) and I have a
spare Virgin (all my stuff is PAG) SIM in the 6310i for testing etc.

I like the idea of being able to back-up the data on the PC at the
same time so a PC / USB solution would be good. Something that could
hold several 'separate SIM / phone / user records would be handy but
with the ability to merge / edit them easily? (ie I'd rather not have
them all in Outlook Express etc).

FWIW I'm not sure there is an 'easy' data lead for the 3510i (and no
BT / IR) so for that I think the SIM transfer is the only way. I
assume I copy the SIM to somewhere, empty the SIM then transfer
anything more stored in the phone to the SIM, empty and so on?

Is there a USB data lead for the 6310i that would work with Nokia PC
Suite please (I believe the std Nokia one was serial and that wouldn't
be a problem as such), I have seen USB's on eBay but don't want to get
something that may_or_may_not work with NPCS. Would a data 'lead'
(rather than IR / BT) allow me to do more things or do stuff faster

A mate has given me his old E50 (luckily on TMob) but the display is a
bit too small for my old eyes and it seems overkill / overcomplicated
when I just want a 'basic' phone but with BT (for wireless hands free
in the car, or I'd stick with the 3510i).

Our daughter nicked the last 'better' phone I was given (I think it
was a 6230) and that replaced her T610 that had started to get a bit
unreliable (that she had from new and preferred to the Nokias
<shrug>). She has just been given another mate's old K700i so will
also want to transfer her stuff from the 6230 to K700i.

So, with all the combinations of the above is there a particular
reader / solution that anyone knows and likes please (that's not too
expensive etc .. make / model / link if possible please).

I did try a 'cheapo' gadget a while ago but I think I remember it
didn't read all the different SIM's or do so reliably etc.

All the best ..

T i m

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