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    Peter Maddern
    A disabled person is looking for help with making and receiving taking phone
    calls. He can't use his hands and therefore can't dial out or click the
    "accept call" or "end call" button. Also, because he can't use his hands, he
    can't put on and take off a headset or earpiece. He can use a foot control
    of some sort.

    Is there a mobile designed for disabled users who can't operate the phone at
    all by hand which:-

    Allows a user to accept a call and terminate a call by voice?
    Can dial out a number by voice
    Has a built in speaker which can be turned on by voice or can be set to be
    turned on permanently?

    If there's no such phone on the market, what some sort of voice command
    programme running on a Pocket PC under Windows Mobile?



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    john lyon

    Re: Mobile phone for a user with a disability

    "Peter Maddern" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news[email protected]
    >A person is looking for help with making and receiving taking phone calls.
    >He can't use his hands

    He should contact his local hospital, doctors surgery or health authority as
    they have lists of various support groups. No doubt he will have a complete
    list. There are various groups that help people out and will assess their
    needs and suggest products to make life easier. You could find the details
    of the groups for him and they can see him directly to advise him what is
    It's best to do it that way, then you will not find the need to become
    involved so much - leave it to people that have done it all before and have
    the knowledge and resources. What you think he needs is probably not what
    he wants, there might be a number of products he can try out on loan first.
    The final decision on what suits him is down to him. It might not be
    something complex that is always best. Equipment is available to people
    with genuine disabilities like your friend through a number of groups.

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