Is there anyone out there using the Yahoo! Go (Beta) App or the Google
Mail App on T-Mobile's GPRS service.

They used to work fine on my Nokia 6300 until about a week ago, and now
they both fail to establish a secure connection.

I've tried talking to T-Mobile's network support, and they do seem to
have been able to reproduce the problem themselves. However, they just
say that T-Mobile will not guarantee that any 3rd party apps will work
or continue to work, and then suggest that I use Opera Mini instead!

In hope, Bob Jones

Robert S. Jones, I.T. Security Consultant | Vox +44 20 7882 5326
Computing Services, Mile End Campus | Fax +44 20 8980 2001
Queen Mary, University of London, U.K. | GSM +44 79 56 383659

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