I'm on a 3 mix-n-match, using a Nokia 6233. (The N73 that came with
the contract developed a few problems.) I've set my main "non-3" e-
mail to send a copy of everything to my 3mail address, which I check
when I'm out and about. I always delete these copies from the phone
and server once they're read (as I download them to the main computer
when I get back.)

This system works fine for me -- I don't need the features of the
"mobile mail" add-on -- except for one thing: 3mail automatically,
in the background, is sending and saving a copy of each and every e-
mail to my *voicemail* box (which I only discovered once it had
filled up with about 100 e-mails, and couldn't accepting any

AFAIAC, this is utterly pointless: -- I'll never in a thousand years
want to have an e-mail read out to me through the voicemail service.
The only way I've found to get rid of the saved "voice e-mails",
though, is to delete them 1 by 1.

I haven't found an option to enable/disable this background save-as-
a-voicemail "feature"; 3's customer service clearly had no idea what
I was talking about.

Anybody know HTF one turns this "feature" off?


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