Hi all,
I've recently aquired a Nokia E65 in less than great condition. The
earpiece sounds terrible in calls (handsfree speaker is fine) so I
bought a new earpiece on eBay but I'm unsure about how to fit it, I'm
too paranoid about screwing the phone up. I went to the two mobile phone
shops in town today and the first one couldn't do it until Monday and
the second one wouldn't touch it "because I didn't buy the earpiece from
them and it might not work and they would be liable" (i.e. they can't
make a fat mark-up on the part).

Taking the front housing off is no problem but the actual earpiece
speaker is hidden behind a plastic and foam frame that clips around what
I assume is the LCD ribbon cable, and this looks liable to break if
subjected to too much prising.

Has anyone disassembled one of these phones? I also want to replace the
middle part of the housing (the bit that the buttons on the side fit in)
but that's not urgent.


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