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    Unlock ZTE Overture 3 using unlock codes -

    Learn how to unlock ZTE Overture 3 from this step-by-step guide. Permanent unlock with 100% guaranteed results. Use your device with any GSM network worldwide.

    Coming with a roughly textured back and available on only the Blue colour options, the ZTE Overture 3 doesn’t look bad for a low-end smartphone. The 2.5D curved glass covering the display even further improves to the device’s appearance. However, the glass screen is fragile as it doesn’t feature the Corning Gorilla Glass or any other screen protection. It would be best if you employ the use of an external screen protector accessory if you are considering using the ZTE Overture 3.

    Permanent unlock method for ZTE Overture 3

    If you need to unlock ZTE Overture 3 without being afraid of damaging your phone or loosing your warranty, then you can do it using an unlock code. In fact, this is the official method of unlocking, recommended by the manufacturer so it’s the safest way.
    This is a permanent unlock solution, you only need to perform it once and your phone will be free from any carrier. After your device will be successfully unlocked, it remains that way even after firmware updates.

    How can I benefit from unlocking my phone by IMEI?

    1. You don’t need to leave your home to unlock your phone.
    2. Your phone can be used with any GSM SIM card.
    3. You can avoid roaming charges when traveling abroad by using local SIM cards.
    4. Increase the resell value of your device as it is available to more carriers.
    5. You won’t loose the warranty.
    6. You don’t need to have technical skills, all you need to to is to enter a code.

    How do I obtain an unlock code?

    There are plenty of companies that will sell you genuine unlock codes for your phone. is a well-reviewed choice with a secure website that will make this procedure easy to follow, from ordering an unlock code to unlocking your phone. You will also benefit from the best price and fast delivery time for your unlock code.

    Get unlock code for ZTE Overture 3

    What is the procedure for unlocking ZTE Overture 3?

    Once UnlockPlus will send you the unlock code, all you need to do is:

    1. Power up the phone with SIM card from another carrier inserted.
    2. The phone will prompt for a "SIM Network Unlock Pin" (NUP) or “Network Unlock Code" (NUC).
    3. Type the unlock code and hit “Unlock”.
    4. You will see the “Network Unlock Successful” message.
    5. Enjoy your unlocked ZTE Overture 3!

    Unlock your Overture 3

    Once you unlock your ZTE Overture 3 you will be able to use all major GSM carriers from USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, France, Korea etc. You can use AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Rogers, Fido, EE, Vodafone and many others.

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