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The Apple iPhone 6s Plus is the manufacturer's big boy, sporting a 5.5" display and an updated spec sheet, compared to the 6 Plus.

Are you willing to unlock your Apple iPhone 6s Plus safe, simple and fast? It is the safest method to unlock your phone and there is no possibility to end up with a damaged handset. The process is simple: order your unlocking instructions at UnlockScope.com and insert it on you cellphone.

In this tutorial you’ll find explained in detail all the steps you need to follow in order to unlock your Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

Before proceeding with the unlocking process, we advise you to check if your phone is carrier locked by inserting a SIM card from a different network provider. If your Apple iPhone 6s Plus will display one of the following messages, then be sure that your phone is network locked.

  • ‘SIM Network Unlock Pin’
  • ‘Network locked’
  • ‘Enter SIM Network Control Key’

How to unlock your Apple iPhone 6s Plus?

The unlocking itructions for your Apple iPhone 6s Plus will be identified based on 3 pieces of information:
IMEI (to get the IMEI of your phone, dial *#06# or check the sticker underneath the battery)
Phone model
Country and Network of your current carrier provider (the one in which your phone operates)

If you don’t know all these information, please feel free to contact customer support at [email protected] for further advice.

The entire unlocking process is simple as A, B, C.

A. Order your unlock instructions

Fill out the order form with the 3 details mentioned above and your email address. Make sure you provide a valid email address to be certain that you will receive the unlocking instructions. After completing the payment, your order will be successfully placed.

*Note: The price varies depending on the country and network your phone is locked to, and the delivery time you choose.

B. Receive your unlock instructions

All the necessary instructions will be send to the email address you have provided within the estimated time. You can also check in real time the status of your order in the Order Status page.

C. Use the unlocking instructions

Replace your original SIM card with another one from a different network provider and turn on your Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Them, you need to follow the provided steps and your phone will be permanently unlocked.

Reasons to unlock your phone

✔ It's fast: Ordering the unlocking instructions takes about 1 minute. Then you sit relaxed or take care of your matters while the unlock instructions arrive in your inbox.

✔ It's simple: place an order, receive the unlock instructions.

✔ It's safe: the warranty of your device won’t be affected and there is no risk of damaging your phone.

Reasons to use UnlockScope.com:

★ Customer support available 24/7 - find solutions for any question.

Track your order status - the aim of this section is to inform you about your order status in real time. Once your instructions have been generated, you can see it in this section too.

★ 100% Money Back Guarantee - in the unlikely case of not succeeding to unlock your phone we offer a complete refund of your payment.

★ Choose how much you want to pay for your unlocking instructions - 3 different price options so you can select the one that suits you best.

Unlock your Apple iPhone 6s Plus and gain the freedom to use it with any carrier worldwide. You can save money while traveling internationally by using a local carrier, switch to another network provider for better monthly plans or sell your phone at a far better price.

For video tutorials, check the UnlockScope YouTube channel.

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