Unlock Sony Xperia XZ1 – How To Unlock Sony Xperia XZ1 Handset

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If you need to unlock your phone here is a short tutorial on how to unlock Sony Xperia XZ1 to work with any GSM network around the world, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Bell, Rogers, Telus, SFR, Vodafone, Orange, and many others, using www.UnlockUnit.com or www.UnlockScope.com.

If you’re not sure your phone is locked, you can check that by inserting another carrier SIM. If your phone reads „Network locked”, Enter special/ unlock code” or a similar message and the SIM you inserted doesn’t work, then your phone is locked and you can proceed to unlock it.

To unlock your Sony Xperia XZ1 you need an unlocking code. www.unlockunit.com or www.unlockscope.com will provide you the unlocking code. To place an order on UnlockUnit.com or UnlockScope.com you need the IMEI of your phone. To find the IMEI dial *#06# on your phone or check the sticker on the back of your phone, underneath the battery. The IMEI is a 15 digits number that is unique for your phone.

Once you have the IMEI follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Enter the IMEI of your phone on www.unlockunit.com or www.unlockscope.com. (dial *#06# to get the IMEI)
2. Enter your email address where you want to receive the unlocking code.
3. Pay securely through our secure payment methods that include PayPal and Credit Card.

You will receive the unlock code on your email and all you have to do is to follow the instructions bellow:

Instructions for unlocking your Sony Xperia XZ1:

1. Power on your phone with a non accepted Sim card.
2. Wait for you phone to read „Enter special code” or „SIM network pin”
3. Input the unlocking code you received on your e-mail.

Your phone is now unlocked and you can now use it with any GSM Network.

In case your phone does not display the unlocking message contact us for support.

What are the benefits of unlocking Sony Xperia XZ1?

The answer is simple: if you need or if you want to use your phone with other network provider (other than the one you originally bought your phone from) you won’t be able to do so if your phone is SIM locked. Once you will unlock your Sony Xperia XZ1 you will be able to use it with any network carrier in your country or around the world. Plus, you will increase the value of your phone by 300% in case you want to sell it at some point. Not to tell that, if you travel abroad you can avoid expensive roaming fees by just using a local SIM.

For more infromation about unlocking other phone models, make sure you check our YouTube channel!

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Unlock your Sony Xperia XZ1 with UnlockUnit and UnlockScope!

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